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The Eh Team is a fun and inclusive team dedicated to the sport of dragon boating and dragon boat racing. Working together in a positive and supportive manner, we offer the ideal sport for men and women 55 years and older who are interested in combining fitness with camaraderie, community and competition. 

The Eh Team is a dragon boat racing team and participates in regattas from May through to September.  Although we are technically a Senior’s team, we compete with teams of all ages and abilities and often give those twenty year olds a ‘run for their money’ for which they look at Seniors in a new perspective.

As a mix of athletic paddlers and enthusiastic recreational paddlers we hold fitness and healthy living in common.  Team members are committed to learning new skills and contributing to the success of the team while enjoying the experience on the water.

Come and take us for a ‘test paddle’ with two free sessions for which we will provide you with a paddle, a life jacket and an opportunity to paddle with The Eh Team.

We provide excellent coaching at each practice. 
Our coach, Kevin Lutz is a world-class dragon boat paddler and racer.

The Eh Team is a member of the False Creek Racing Canoe Club, which is located on Granville Island. Practicing Wednesday and Friday mornings on False Creek, we have the thrill of being in the heart of Vancouver sharing “The Creek’ with seals, geese and wild birds and with other boats and boaters, large and small. 

As an inclusive team we work towards improved overall performance with each team member focusing on his/her own personal fitness and performance levels. ( see Fitness for Dragon Boating as written by a previous member and two time Olympian Marjorie Homer- Dixon) 

Listen to the Vancouver Dragon Boating Podcast to learn more about The Eh Team experience.

“We paddle for fun and race to win”

What exactly is Dragon Boating?

Dragon boating is a water sport which began over 2000 years ago in southern China and is currently enjoyed around the world. Participants range in age from pre-teens to those in their 80’s !  

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Twenty paddlers sit in pairs in a long boat which weighs about 700 lbs, A drummer sits at the front of the boat while a steersperson stands and steers from the back of the boat. Rain or shine, dragon boating offers teamwork and fitness while enjoying your surroundings and fresh air. 

In a Dragon Boat race, or regatta, the team sprints to the beat of the drum (and the roar of the crowd!). Race courses are commonly 200 or 500 metres. With up to eight boats competing at a time, the fastest team across the line takes the honours.  You will be exhilarated, likely exhausted (for a short period of time) and ready for more.  

The Eh Team – Practice Location

1318 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

(at the False Creek Community Centre, on Granville Island)