Prior to getting into a boat, the following forms must be completed by all members and all guest or temporary paddlers.  To print off forms 1) and 2), return to "Home" and go to "Forms 2015" under "Categories"       

1)  FCRCC Membership/Waiver Form  It can be downloaded from the FCRCC website at:

2) The Eh Team Medical Emergency Form This form can be obtained from any Executive member. The Medical information is kept by the Safety Officer and is confidential. (Note: Be sure to update any significant changes in your medical condition as required throughout the year).

Waivers: You will need to complete a waiver for each Regatta entered (separate from the FCRCC waiver). It is your responsibility to ensure this is completed by the time indicated (usually the week before a regatta).

Identification: Members are encouraged to carry identification including their Personal Health Number and Emergency contacts with them on the water.