Paddles and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)

Each paddler requires a dragon boat paddle, a personal flotation device (PFD) and clothing appropriate to the weather. Paddles and PFD's are provided by the False Creek Racing Canoe Club (FCRCC) though most members purchase their own paddles and PFDs as they become more experienced.

Other Gear

  • Pockets, pouches, and a neck rope or waist belt (to hold your car keys etc)
  • Small piece of foam to be used as a seat cushion.
  • Sunglasses and sun screen
  • Water bottle

Team Uniforms

The bright red maple leafs and the white background of the Eh Team uniforms is well recognized on the regatta circuit. We wear our team shirts and hats along with black shorts/pants at all regattas. If you do not have a team shirt, wear the team colours which are a red and white shirt and black shorts/pants. During our races, particularly in cooler weather, we may wear layers of clothing under our shirts but we do not wear anything except our PFDs over our uniforms during races. Contact the team Treasurer to purchase your shirt.

Suggested clothing for throughout the year

  • Foot wear Runners, sandals or paddle boots
  • Head wear A toque or ball cap
  • Bottoms- cold/rainy days gym pants/exercise pants, water resistant pants
  • Tops cold/rainy days full sleeve Ts, merino wool undershirt, and water resistant outer wear.
  • Paddle gloves
  • Layered clothing we warm up quickly once paddling commences.
  • Stadium parkas long lined water resistant parkas for between races and after practice.