Team Awards – The "Laurel Osler Team Spirit Award"

Laurel Osler was an exceptional member of "The Eh Team" and she paddled well into her eighties.

Laurel epitimized the qualities of a team player and a winner in so many ways.  Each year, we all vote for a team member who most exemplifies Laurel Osler's team spirit.  The recipient of the award is the team member (occasionally two) who consistently displayed the qualities of overall team spirit as well as drive, determination, dedication, discipline, enthusiasm and competitiveness, above and beyond the ordinary. These are the qualities that we recognize as the exemplary team spirit of Laurel Osler. The award is presented at our season ending party every year.

External Awards – Governor General’s Trophy

"The Eh Team" was honoured to be selected as the recipient of the Governor Generals' Trophy for the most sportsmanlike conduct in the 2009 Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival.

Rio Tinto Alcan Sustainability Award

This award was generously donated by the Rio Tinto Alcan Corporation. The Rio Tinto Alcan Sustainability award is given to the team that contributes the most to the sustainability of their community. These contributions can take on many forms and, as such, it is up to each team to interpret and convey their contribution to a healthy and sustainable community. "The Eh Team" was awarded the Sustainability Award in 2012.