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Steers person Doug, aka Santa Claus, turned 80

We had a party during the Victoria Regatta and the reason? Our wonderful steers person, Doug Kilburn, aka Santa Claus, turned 80 this August.  Not only does he steer for the majority of practices (best on False Creek by some reckoning), he steers for the Eh Team during our regattas as well, and will continue to do so.  Congratulations, Doug. 

Loved by all members, he had a special kiss for his wife Jan.     

And the presentation of a very unusual gift.  Its Doug to a tee!


The Eh Team fall recruiting

The Eh Team is looking to recruit both new members as well as experienced paddlers for the fall 2015 season.  If you are 50 SOMETHING, want to experience the thrill and excitement of a paddling challenge, now is a good time to join.  Contact Ann Wreford at and she will tell you more.

We paddle until the end of October so now is a good time to learn paddling techniques to be ready for the 2016 season.  See you on the water.    

Executive for 2015

The new 2015 Eh Team executive was elected at the Annual General Meeting last fall:

Manager - Marina Green
Captain - Jen Vlemmiks and Kathy Ingram (co-captains)
Secretary - Janice Copeland
Treasurer - Anne Quackenbush

These names are familiar as the entire executive for 2014 decided to continue on for another year. Now, that's dedication and overwhelming support from the team. Congratulations.

Other non-executive positions for 2015 are:
Safety Officer - Wayne Hoskins; School and Corporate Group fundraising - Mike Kilman
Website - Ann Wreford; Dock crew - Bill Redhead
Warm-up - Marina Leichner and Marjorie Homer-Dixon

The Eh Team wins the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Sustainability Award for 2012!

 The Eh Team can proudly display one of their latest medals.  The Eh Team is a true example of how fitness, active living and citizenship is a life long venture.  Their work with the community through the introduction of children and community members to Dragon Boating was acknowledged and rewarded. 
The school program, which has kept The Eh Team and Coach busy throughout the spring, saw hundreds of school age children out on their first Dragon Boat experience.  This has been rewarding not just to the children but to the members of the team that took part in these adventures.
"The team is an example of achievement, goals accomplished and surpassed, growing in health, mind and body. That is how we interpret the sustainability of a community ."

"As a way of reaching out to the greater community, The Eh Team takes part in the "Introduction to Dragon Boating” for high ...


False Creek Racing Canoe Club (FCRCC) adult waiver

Download PDF

All dragon boat paddlers must complete the FCRCC adult waiver form each year prior to going out on the water.  Please click on this icon, print and complete this two page form and give it to any of the Executive.

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